Best: E // Good: SE NW // Difficult: S

There always seems to be wind of some sort up here. One just has to hunt around a little bit. The wind varies in strength due to the topography but does not seem to be very gusty. The wind at the bottom of the valley is about 80% of the forecast for Hunneldalen. On a SE one can use the lake to get access to the higher grounds on the way to Sandvatn turist hytte.




The area offers something for everybody with steep hillsides and flat lakes. The 821.5 top to the north of the lake offers nice hillside riding with very few glacial erratics and narrow valley riding. The southern slopes of the lake are rather steep and potentially avalanche prone. Wind tends to be gusty there as well


Don’t go on the lake if the turistforening has not put the kvister there yet and marked the lake as safe. This happens normally in early winter. Even in cold winters the river connecting Tverråtjøden with the lake in the west does not always freeze over. It is a very shallow river though. Very poor phone signal locally. No visibility on whiteout. Check the avalanche risks.

Getting there

Park at Tomannsbu car park and walk up along the kvisted route to the lake. 35 minutes walking. On SE wind one can often start kiting half way up the Konedal (300m beyond the bridge).

Even if there is good wind at the bridge over the Tverråni you should not temped to blow up down there as it is difficult for all but the very best kiters to get past the bottleneck 200m above the bridge.

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