Good: Westerly and Northerlies. Doable: Easterlies

Trust the forecast of the heaths in the area (e.g. Venevasshalli). The wind will be considerably less in the valley than out on the peaks and ridges. Generally, due to the open terrain any wind direction can work here. Upwind uphill can however be a lot of work. The wind also often gets deflected by isolated mountains here. If you see the clouds move there will be wind up there. Its also a good idea to ask some speedo dressed cross country skiers who just completed the løype round Galten etc. Just let them stop their pulsklokke first before expecting an answer. The Hovden weatherstation at the Hovden north parking can be seen here.


Advanced to Expert


This is it. The garden of Eden. The land of hidden powder bowls, terrain climbs and untold lee slopes with knee deep powder. It is here legends are made and burned into memory forever. Its hard to get here but if you make it the options are endless and all the rides one could image when looking at the area from across the valley while standing at Storenos are becoming a reality - Enjoy.


You are  far away from the road and while there are occasional cross country tracks, don't rely that you get help if anything goes wrong. Areas like these are best enjoyed with good friends, a decent GPS and compass. Visibility can disappear crazily quick and all of a sudden you have no orientation whatsoever. I learned this the hard way - so take my advice. Consider a satellite GPS tracker when you mess about here alone. Follow the fjellvettreglene to the prick.

Getting there

There are several access possibilities. If there is wind the easiest is to start kite at the Billionairs Hill spot (Remestøylfløtti) or park at Hovden north dagsparkering and walk /kite up through the trees. Another option is the Galten parking and then kite and walk up (needs good tree riding skills). Access from dogshitmeadow can also work but I have not succeeded yet.