SE most likely works best here. At Børsteinen almost any direction will work OK


Medium – Advanced


The area to the west of the bridge over the Bjødnsivatnet has been becoming increasingly more accessible with the new car parks and hytte areas being built around the road to Lysebotn. From the western most public car park at the Adneram Fjellgrend it only takes about 40 minutes of leisurely walking along the well groomed track to access the kite area.

This trip can be combined with an overnight stay in the Børsteinen turist hut if it has not been snowed under as it happens in high snow years. The terrain in the kite area is hilly with shrubs and small cracks. Visibility is necessary especially when coming close to the Børsteinen hut. The area around the Børsteinen hut offers good kiting terrain for the more adventurous kiters who want to spend a few consecutive days in the mountains.


Check the regulated lakes and stay clear if necessary. Spotty phone reception.

Getting there

Park at the western most public car park at the beginning of the cross country track. Walk from there. The Børsteinen hut can be accessed in 2 hours along this track (including breaks and crying babies….)

Adneram Fjellgrend Webcam