North or South //  More easterly and westerly winds leads to strong gusts

This is a very gusty and turbulent area if there is not wind directly from the North or South.  There is usually always some wind on Ortevatnet


Medium - Advanced


Often varying conditions towards the hillsides. With optimal conditions one can ride almost from Fidjeland to Ådneram or vice versa. Snow is  often good on the lake when it is blown out at the tops. It is not possible to gain higher ground from the lake due to dense forests surrounding it.


The lake can almost be defined as a river as this is the same as the river running from Fidjeland to Sinnes. The ice can therefore be unsafe, especially in the areas where the lake narrows. There are electricity lines flanking the lake on the western side and partially on the eastern side. For obvious reasons you want to stay clear of those and not be the one making the local newspaper for having caused beautiful fireworks during plain daylight.

Good phone signal everywhere (4g)

Getting there:

The main road runs along the east side of the lake. Parking may be possible by the south end or the north end of the lake. Parking otherwise along the lake is often a problem. You may have to ask a friendly cabin owner if you can use their spot for a couple of hours


Fidjeland ski lift webcam