Best: anything with east in it  // OK: NW

If there is an easterly breeze than there is always wind at Gråvassryggen which is coming rather undisturbed over the lake and gets amplified at the top. The croocked and windblown trees tell this story better than any wind statistic. If the wind anywhere else in Hunnedalen is to weak or the light is flat you could try your luck here.


Medium - Advanced


The small ridge can offer some nice powder riding. The small birch shrubs hold the loose snow a bit better. One can also ride here in flat light conditions as the trees offer enough contrast to safely scout the terrain. The terrain is gently undulating with some marked deep fault lines.


There are a few deep cracks and fault lines that would be unpleasant to fall over. Most of them are located in the northern part of the spot. The southern part of the spot is a bit more gentle. Good phone coverage. There are shrubs and minor trees in especially in the northern part that seem to be growing taller year after year. Getting your foil entangled into one of them is not an awful lot of fun. Dont even think of kiting on the Gravatn. It is heavily regulated and very unsafe.

Getting there

Park at the car park along the FV45 and walk from there. Since the winter of 2015/2016 there have been built many more hyttes on the eastern slope of the ridge (perhaps for some crazy wind lovers who don’t know what they are getting in to???). The roads to the hyttes will make for much easier access to the good riding terrain at the southern end of the ridge. Definitely worth scouting out again.