Best: E-SE W- NW

If there is no wind anywhere in the entire area there is always wind on Hunnevatn. Especially on the eastern end of the lake which acts a bit like a wind funnel. I have seen 5-8 ms there on total blue sky high pressure days where one otherwise would sit around in a t-shirt. On westerly winds it can be a bit gusty. Logically if the wind is either rather northerly or southerly conditions on the lake are extremely gusty

The vegvesen measure the wind speed continuously close to the linked webcam. You can access the weather data from the Vegvesen via the RoadWeather app for smpartphones (Apple /Android). Hopefully you soon see the weather data on website here as well.




There is obviously the large lake to ride but the hillsides to the north do provide a bit of a terrain that can be easily explored. The wind is more varied there but still rather manageable. The snow on the lake is often very hard packed with sastrugi. Powder in the bowls at the northern side of the lake are possible. Due to this being a narrow valley there is hardly any sun there in January and February.


The lake is very mildly (few meters) regulated but has an inflow to the power station close to the road. Keep well clear of the area. Good phone signal. Keep of the road (-:

Getting there

Unfortunately parking early in the season is nearly impossible at the lake. From mid-February and certainly around Easter the vegvesen clears the car park at the southern end of the lake and at the northern end of the lake where the road has an extra lane. One can park at the power station but make sure to put your phone number in the window in case the people from the vegvesen get angry at you.