Any (there are many spots to choose from)

It can be gusty on the lake.


Beginner – Advanced


The terrain around and up behind the Holmevasshytta offers a lot of diversity and fun. The lake is flat with a couple steep islands that can be used as jumping ramps. Then gentle slope to the north of the hytte can be used to access higher grounds on SE winds and the very top of the plateaus are reasonably smooth with no erratic blocks but cracks and grooves that need to be navigated.

I claim to be the only human that has kited these plateaus wearing short sleeves, long johns and using cross country skis with a small foil kite (Flysurfer Peak) 😛 . There is still lots of terrain to explore up here and the hytte can serve as a perfect base for the exploration.


You are well of the beaten track here. Phone reception in the valleys is non existent and ok on the tops (Telenor). Netcom has full reception.

It is so beautiful and peaceful up here that you may refuse to join the crazy civilization down in the valley after a couple of days. Stay at your own risk.

Getting there

Either you walk for 4-5  hours or you wait until two weeks after Easter when the road is cleared of the snow (confirm with Lyse). If you rent the Holmvasshytte from (750kr /day) then you get the key for the road bom and can drive up within 1.5km of the hytte where you park and leisurely walk or kite across the lake to the hytte.