Best: Anything with west in it

Works best with westerly winds but is also possible on SE if one accepts to walk up a bit higher the hill before kiting.




The plateau to the east of the ski slopes offers nice terrain with lakes and gentle slopes but also  quite a few erratic glacial boulders that demand your navigational skills. This spot works well when there is a lot of snow from 600 m and above which is rather rare given the recent warm winters.


Watch the erratic blocks and the few trees lower .  Good phone signal and help close by when the ski slopes are in operation

Getting there

Park at the car park of the ski slope (the one closest to the slope is gratis)  and buy a ticket for one ride. Head to the northwest into the wide valley while keeping high. Catch the wind there to ride up to the plateau. If done cleverly one does not need to walk at all to get to the launch point.