Best: NW // OK: ESE // Difficult: SE and S

The YR wind speed forecast is very reliable on NW wind for the edge of the plateau and the tops. On SE or southerly wind it can be for unexplained reasons extremely gusty up there. Interestingly everything with a bit more east in it works nicely however. On SE gusts can be 1.5 max 2 times base wind.




A combination of powder bowls, flat terrain and steep hillsides to fly off from. Very few erratic glacial blocks. Smooth terrain with no deep cracks. A nice trip is to sail up to Kvitafjell.


Stay on the marked path going up to the plateau. There is a certain avalanche danger east of the path. Towards the southern end of the plateau there can be very deep (3-4 m) blow out holes in high snow situations. No orientation when white out or flat light. Good cell phone coverage only on the northern part and the hills. No phone reception on the lakes and further east. Very few shelter options. Compass needed.

Getting there

Park at the Tomannsbu car park and walk up at least half of the slope to the plateau before being tempted to blow up your kite. Often the wind at the bottom of the valley is very erratic or totally absent  and there have been many frustrated people pumping up to early only to having to walk up with kite in hand. Walk 10 min longer safe yourself 1 hour messing around.

Red Cross webcam (Lower Hunnedalen)