Good: Westerly and Northerlies. Doable: Easterlies

If the branches of the birches at the RV9 road are moving there is a good chance that you catch enough wind up here. The Hovden weather station at the Hovden north parking can be seen here.


Beginner to Expert


This is actually a really nice spot. There are some low trees with some bigger open areas. One can kite well here in flat light. The wind gets better the higher you get but and you can use the cross country tracks to quickly gain ground if it is a lot of powder. If wind forecast is above 10 m/s than it will get veeery gusty here. Tube kites will rule in this case.


The highest risk you encounter here is being run over on the access road by a massive electric SUV or a Porsche Cayenne driven by the owners of the gigantic cabins. Seems like they are all feeling the "tidsklemma" and drive like maniacs to their cabins in order to have 2 more seconds to relax....

Other than that I can recommend staying clear of the electricity lines to the east of the spot.

Getting there & away

The road to the end of the villafelt is always neatly cleared and you can easily walk up there. You are not allowed to park a car up there but you can be dropped of at the big parking at the bottom. From there it is a 15 min leisurely walk that can be easily enjoyed pondering about social anthropology and the log-normal distribution of capital as well as the more interesting aspects of accumulation of wealth...