NW and easterlies.

Even if it is entirely wind still in the valley and the forecast only shows 2 m/s there is always kiteable wind up here




This is a small spot with a natural half-pipe that I have kited a few times. The plateau towards the Storekvaev top contains a medium amount of small erratic blocks which require a bit of snow. The half pipe is often powdery and has its own wind effect. Views on sunny days are spectacular and your kite can be seen all the way from the Millionaire Hills and Cayenne Dalen in Sirdal. When done with kiting one can free ride down through the loose forest.


This spot is for advanced riders. Study the map. Take a compass. You are after all supposed to know what you are doing.

Getting there

There is a public car park at the eastern end of the Solheimsdal. If you park close to the where the road ends and walk up to the lake it takes about 55 minutes to get to the top. The snow on the road to the lake is often very hard from all the motor scooters. One can easily walk up there with the snowboard boots.