Good: Any direction / very strong on SE, rarely gusty at the very top.

Just like on the east side, ff there is wind you can kite here. Interestingly the falling winds (SE) tend often to be stronger on the lee side of the Nos than on the windward side. The wind decreases as you ride further down into the forest and often increases further to the north. When the forecast is above 1om/s you have to expect gusts. On the western side the forest starts rather abrupt and where the terrain get steep. I don't recommend venturing too deep into it.


Beginner to Advanced


The is plenty of smooth riding with speed tracks in between to be had here. Generally the more northwards you come the less wind is there on the plain. There can be some severe wind holes on the lower lakes of the plateau... You'll learn that quickly the hard way.


Keep well away from x-country skiers and the T bar ski lift. Beware that some of the higher peaks have slopes that are mildly avalanche prone. Powder can be very deep here.  Make sure you have equipment to walk back to the road or ski / x-country pistes. Perfect phone reception. The ski patrol +473732081 may even help you if you break a leg.

Getting there

Take the lift up and drop down. Launch here. Save energy by setting up just next to the ex country track. If wind drops. Ride down through the forest to the base of the chairlift.