Good: Easterlies. Doable: all directions

Trust the YR forecast for the top even if there is no wind at the bottom. On easterlies it is possible to kite up. It just depends where the wind starts to catch. Typically when it is very cold and or you are early in the morning you have to walk higher to catch the wind then when it is warmer. Once you are on the top any wind direction will work. Be aware that locally wind can be 30-50 more than forecast. Especially on the peaks.




A nice ride up with wind and an even nicer ride down powdering through the forest makes this a nice mountain to explore. Riding the top plateau needs good weather and good company of a friend for safety. This is a very popular topptur mountain with a low avalanche risk. Give these sweaty, jealous souls plenty of space and leave them a tiny, wee bit of powder to have some  fun as well.


Mind the high voltage line at the base of the hill. Very spotty reception in the bowls at the top. Check the avalanche risk map here or in the gallery before charting a course.

Getting there

There is a public car park for about 10 cars at in the hyttefelt Ørnefjell. Follow the tracks through the pine forest there. When the forest opens up launch your kite.