I am born sometimes in the seventies and moved to Norway in 2003. Stavanger is what I call home for the time being and where I kite on the water when there is no snow.

Working with maps and visualizing three dimensional geometries it was natural for me to explore the Hunnedalen and Sirdal area for kite spots.

Being a busy family father it is however not always easy to edge out the time for kite exploration. Fortunately we were able to rent a fantastic cabin in Hunnedalen for the record snow winter of 2015. This made it a lot easier to access some of the less beaten terrain and opening up some new spots.

The feeling of breaking new ground, being the first to try a spot and carving those ephemeral lines is simply magic.  Keep in mind however that for every spot that you find listed here there are quite a few spots that I explored but turned out to be utterly unsuitable for kiting. Such is the reality of exploration.

I use a variety of Slingshot Rally tube kites and foils (Gin Shaman). Close to the road I always prefer a tube kite. For back country exploration or even kiting with cross country skis (fjellski) the Shaman is unbeatable for its stability and safety.

Keep exploring!

Please drop me a line if you have comments about the spots, have discovered a new spots or want to share some of your images, videos with me and the community.

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