Good: SE and NW // OK: all other directions

Haugevatn works really on all wind directions since it is open to all sides. Sandtjøden seems to be best on NW or SE where a degree of funneling can be observed with stronger winds in the valley.


Medium - Advanced


The SE end of the Solheimsdalen offers easy accessible kiting with varied terrain. There are little birch shrubs which aid visibility along Sandtjødn and some steeper hillsides. The area around Haugevatn is a true plateau that reminds a bit about the Hardanger vidda terrain. One needs good visibility up there and a compass just in case.


A few trees and lots of local cross country skiers. Please take care of both species.

Getting there:

There is a public car park at the eastern end of the Solheimsdal. If you park close to the where the road ends and walk up to the lake it takes about 65  minutes to get to the top. The snow on the road to the Sandtjødn is often very hard from all the motor scooters. This means one can easily walk up there with the snowboard boots.

On weekends and during the holidays there are motor scooters that can be hired for a lift to the easternmost hyttes. Cost is approx. 550 -650  nok one way for up to 4 people. Be there early on Saturday otherwise you may be stuck in a waiting queue for a scooter. Call Kåre 90121225 or any of the other numbers from the picture in the gallery.