Good to Medium: Westerlies. Medium to Poor easterlies

There is often a lot more wind here than in Hovden on easterlies and northerlies, so its worthwhile checking out the spot. The wind varies a lot across the lake.  Northerlies seem to work really well and are stronger on the northern side of the lake. Easterlies should work here but I had little luck.

If there is too little wind on Breidvatn, drive to the Sassevatn a bit further north. Especially  the northern part of the lakes seems to be rather windy but access is a bit harder.


Beginner to Advanced


Its a lake!.. if you are lucky there is some ice raft on the edges to use as ramps for jumps. Snow get easily wind pressed and due to overvatn its rare to get a lot of powder ..


Very mildly regulated lake. Ice can be thin. I have seen plenty of overvatn after short thaws. Telephone - electricity line on the east side of the lake. The kids of Hovden will likely lynch you if you destroy their netflix/facebook "experience"... This part of the road can be closed on stormy conditions. Your car may literally be buried by the snow plough.

Getting there

There is always space for 3-5 cars on the car park outlined on the map. On blue bird days the spots are likely taken by x-country skiers... If you remain in sight of the car you could "double up" next to an already parked car.