Best: E // Good: SE

On moderate SE wind this little spot offers a bit of local fun.  The wind varies according to topography from very little wind at the bottom close to the lake to good wind on the top of the ridge. Medium gusty on strong winds (8m/s plus).




This rather small spot is good fun for a quick session close to the road and hyttes. One can jump of the northern hillside and generally play around a little. The spot offeres a good deal of easy access fun without too much walking. Only 15 minutes of extra walking gets you to Tverratjoden which is also very nice however.


Watch the baffled cross country skiers and the erratic blocks at the top of the hill. The lake close to the entry of the Tverråni tends to be poorly frozen (keep away). Don’t attempt to kite north of the little hill that marks the northern boundary of the spot. It is extremely gusty there.

Getting there

Park at Tomannsbu car park and walk up along the kvisted route. 20 minutes walking. Alternatively drop your gear at the fylkesgrense pakering (privat) and try to kite there via the lake. There is however often really poor wind of the lake so this is not an option for people with poor kite control or beginners.

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