Good to Medium: Westerlies and Northerlies. Medium to Poor easterlies

There is often a lot more wind here than in Hovden on easterlies and northerlies, so its worthwhile checking out the spot. Down at the road it can be extremely gusty but once you gain higher ground it can be good fun. Check the RV9 Hovden vegvesen windstation on the mobile Roadweather app for a decent wind proxy.


Medium to Advanced


The meadow is OK for a bit of riding and short fun but the real prize is gaining higher grounds to the east without having to walk up. This is doable but needs some good tree riding skills. As far as I can see there is only a very narrow band of riding that allows one to get higher up. (see map)


Telephone - electricity line on the west side of the road. There can be remaining fence posts in the meadow (white plastic). The meadow does have a its name for a reason.... This part of the road can be closed on stormy conditions. Your car may literally be buried by the snow plough.

Getting there

There is always space for 3-5 cars just next to the meadow. On blue bird days the spots are likely taken by x-country skiers in speedo dresses and with ...dogs...