Hovden, Hunnedalen and Sirdal are an often overlooked opportunity for snowkiting.

Admittedly the terrain in Hunnedalen and Sirdal is rougher, the wind can be gustier and the snow conditions often vary widely from to the bottom of the valley to the top of the hill. The pleasure of an excellent ride in the true back country is therefore much greater. It comes with achievement.

Hovden has snowkiting spots ranging from total beginner to advanced. Some of the spots are world class when it comes to terrain and wind protected powder bowls.

For the adventurous kiter this spot guide barely scratches the surface of possibilities in the area. There are tons of good spots out there waiting to be ridden and claimed. It requires a bit of stamina, leg muscles to walk up the hills and a good deal of instinct of where the wind could be blowing properly.

I hope you enjoy the guide, get out there, ride, explore and share your experiences with the community.